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The types of soap differ according to their different components and the purposes of their use, as the fields of soap making have expanded from being limited to cleaning clothes and body, to allocating many types that suit differences in the body, skin, hair and cleaning methods. And in the age when soaps are so different and offer you a huge list of choices, why is it recommended to use natural soaps or hand-made soaps in particular over the rest of the types?


The importance of choosing natural soap 

Natural soap consists of natural or organic components, such as a mixture of plant-derived fats and oils, and unlike common commercial soaps, natural soaps have safer and more beneficial properties. We mention the main reasons that make natural soap an ideal choice for greater benefit:

1- Commercial soap is not real soap 

Natural soaps have been based since their first historical documentation on organic materials that are free of preservatives. Despite the development of the soap industry, the formula remained dependent on natural ingredients despite the different materials used in the industry. On the other hand, most modern commercial soaps consist of preservatives derived from petroleum and various chemicals, such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and thus, they differ in their nature, composition and manufacturing mechanism significantly from traditional natural soaps that depend on oils and alkaline substances. Practically, commercial soaps are not real types of traditional soaps, as they rely on preservatives to make cheaper products.

2- Organic properties for natural benefits 

As mentioned earlier, natural soap is mainly composed of substances found in nature. Therefore, the positive properties that the body, skin and hair gain from its use are naturally derived from vitamins, proteins and natural acids without the preservatives that negatively affect health. The benefits of soap are much higher in natural types than in other types, because they are saturated with vegetable oils with natural properties, such as moisturizing, protection from pollutants and antioxidants, and maintaining freshness and fragrant smell for a longer period.

3- The uniqueness of natural handmade soap 

Commercial soap relies on efficiency, speed and savings in production rather than the real benefit, as its industry is based on the production of tens of thousands of pieces of identical size, shape and composition, in order to achieve material profit, which often comes at the expense of consumers’ health. On the other hand, handmade soap often varies from one piece to another, depending on the naturalness, quantity and age of the materials used, and in terms of the unique industry mechanism that produces pieces of different shape and size. However, the main common denominator between natural handmade soap is that it is free from industrial materials and preservatives that negatively affects health, and it contains substances that have very beneficial properties for the body.

4- More choices that fit your personal aspirations 

Despite the large amount that manufacturers produce from commercial soaps based on the principle of marketing and making profits, natural and handmade soaps actually offer a wider choice, as natural soap varies greatly according to one of its components, without the need for large laboratories and modified machines to make changes to it. Thus, adjusting the natural soap to suit your personal choices is much easier in the case of adopting natural handmade soap, starting from the shape, size and smell, down to the quantity, prices and characteristics required.

5- A natural choice that is environmentally friendly 

Since the composition of natural soap is free of petroleum-derived materials or chemicals and preservatives, it is considered easier to decompose when interacting with water, without negatively affecting the natural water cycle of toxins and chemicals. Your use of natural soap does not only reflect positively on your health, but also on the health of all other creatures that share the water cycle in rivers, lakes and groundwater, including animals and plants. Natural soap is environmentally friendly and preserves nature from harm.

6- Safe soap suitable for everyone

Natural soap, due to the natural materials included in its composition without inorganic additives, is a safe choice to use for all individuals, especially children. It is suitable for all skin and hair types, and can be used for full bathing, cleaning, maintaining the fragrant scent and skin care. Especially since it does not cause allergies and itching, but rather treats their effects, in addition to the other special properties that the body acquires from vitamins and natural antioxidants that contribute to moisturizing, protection and freshness.


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