Laurel Soap Variations.. Your Guide to Pick The Right Piece

Laurel soap bars

Laurel soap bars

Laurel soap is one of the oldest and most famous natural historical soaps in the world. Unlike other products, laurel soap bars vary greatly from one piece to another, in terms of size, color, proportions, and others, depending on many characteristics. How do you choose the right piece? Here’s your guide. 


Variations of laurel soap

Minor effects in the manufacturing and drying process can change the shape and characteristics of the soap bar, in addition to the basic compositions used in the manufacture of laurel soap and the methods of presenting it. We summarize the most prominent differences that can change the bars of soap in:

Soap Color

The color of natural laurel soap varies among dark brown, golden, dark green, and sometimes yellow. The color of a bar of laurel soap is affected by several factors, the first of which is the type of olive oil included in its composition. The color of the laurel soap also changes with the effect of the drying process (solarization); After the casting and cutting operations are completed, the soap is left to dry in special warehouses exposed to sunlight in a precise manner without exposure to direct sunlight. Pieces that are exposed to sunlight will be lighter in color than those in the shade.


One of the most important differences to consider when choosing a soap is the proportions of the compositions of laurel soap. The main percentage of laurel soap indicates the percentage of laurel oil that is used in soap making. For example, a bar of soap can contain 20% of laurel, while the complementary percentage represents olive oil and other compositions of the mixture. The higher the percentage of laurel in the soap, the higher the price of the piece, to increase the concentration of laurel in it and to include higher properties. Laurel pieces usually consist of laurel proportions ranging from 2% to 40%, according to which characteristics, quality and price differ.


The original pieces of laurel soap include a special stamp of the factory that manufactured them, as a kind of Aleppo customs to distinguish the authenticity of the Aleppo soap through the brand represented by the seal engraved on the surface of the laurel piece. 

Form and method of manufacture 

The shape of laurel soap bars is mainly affected by the way it is made. In the traditional method, the soap is cut after stretching and cooling manually, which produces different pieces in terms of size, shape and weight. As for the modern method, the soap is cut automatically, as the pieces are completely identical in size and weight for ease of packing and selling.


The smell of basic laurel soap varies according to the percentage of laurel included in its composition, as the smell is more penetrating when the amount of laurel increases, and traditional laurel soap bears the smell of the famous fragrant mixture of laurel and olive oil only. Recently, many essential oils are included in the compositions of laurel soap, such as lavender, musk, amber and jasmine, to give it a pleasant and refreshing scent preferred by users.


The composition of the materials used in the manufacture of Aleppo laurel soap varies from one soap to another, in what is traditionally known as the “secret of the profession”, which remains a family heritage preserved from one generation to the next. The basic composition depends on laurel and olive oil, and the sources of each differ according to the type of oil and laurel and its origin. The alkaline substances that play a key role in the reaction of substances also differ widely, including kostic, glycerine, soda, and others. 


Some may wonder about the reasons for the large price difference between one bar of laurel soap and another. The difference in the price of laurel soap bars is due to two main reasons: proportions and quality. The price of laurel soap increases with the increase in the amount of laurel oil included in its composition. It also increases depending on the type and quality of olive oil, as some soaps contain ‘first toast’ or ‘second toast’ oil, depending on the source of the oil and the number of times it is refined.


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